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Cat’s Favorite Hot Spiced Apple Cider Recipe

Ingredients and Directions:

      1 bottle of Apple Juice – into a sauce pan or a crockpot, heat it up (don’t boil too much).

      Cut up one apple (find a tart variety like “Pink Lady” or similar).

      Cut one tangerine or orange in half, squeeze all the juice into the pot.

      Add a dash or two of each:
            * Ground Cinnamon
            * Ground Nutmeg
            * Ground Cloves

      Heat together, serve warm.


      (1) The Tangerine is the first trick – if you only use Apple juice and spices, it can be a little to syrup-like and heavy. If you add the juice of a tangerine or orange, it brightens the flavor.

      (2) Do not use too much Cloves. It will numb your tongue. Go light on the cloves, heavier on the cinnamon and nutmeg.



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