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== Bread ==

Corn Bread (from Madelena)

Madelena's favorite cornbread recipe ... easy and quick to prepare. Recipe includes info on making it with and without jalapeno peppers, including varying degrees of hotness.

Best served warm with butter melting into it!

Norman Flatbread (from Debbie)

This traditional flat bread from Normandy is nearly identical to that eaten in Scandinavia, and can thus almost certainly be traced back to the Norman's Viking ancestors.

Entered in Estrella War V, Arts Point competition (2/18/89)

== Salads / Sides ==

(Really, they ARE Medieval) Baked Potatoes (from Debbie)

A bit of potato history and some suggestions for cooking and serving baked potatos.

German Coleslaw (from Tim)

This recipe comes to us from a 20th century German cookbook. The recipe is authentic German, but not necessarily from the Middle Ages. Its ingredients and its taste are period.

Noodle Kugel Noodle Kugel (from Tim)

Noodle kugel can be served as a "Marconi and Cheese" type main or side dish. With a slight modification it also produces an almost candy-like dessert. Itís easy to make and a unique addition to any table.

Potluck Potato Casserole Potluck Potato Casserole (from Tim)

Quick, easy, and flexable side dish for potlucks or dinner.

Easy Tomato Cucumber Salad (from Debbie)

This is my quick and easy take on the classic summer salad.

== Main Dishes ==

Chili Cheese Stuff (from Debbie)

Potatoes, onions, and cheese cooked in canned chili! A quick and easy one pot dish. It is also a good make ahead dish for camping, seal it in a cooking bag and heat it up in boiling water.

Chili Noodle One Pot (from Andregor)

This recipe is easy, very flexible and yummy. It makes a good camping dish, two ingreadients and very little fuss or mess to make.

Gorp - One Pot Dinner

This recipe is versatile, tasty, and easy. It's modified from a dish we made at Girl Scout camping trips. It can be made on site or made ahead and sealed in a cooking bag to be heated in boiling water on site.

Potluck Moussaka (from Elena)

This rich and tasty dish works well at potlucks: It can be baked very nicely in a crockpot dish in the oven so you can then take it to an event in the pot heater and keep it warm.

Easy ďHomemadeĒ Pasta Sauce (from Tim)

An easy way to make spaghetti sauce that tastes homemade without all the work. It starts with commercially made, bottled sauce; by the time you're done with it, you'll be surprised at the taste improvement, and folks will rave about your homemade sauce!

Pasta Surprise (from Debbie)

The surprise is that there's no pasta! It's potatoes, hamburger, and onions cooked in pasta sauce. It's another easy one pot dish. It's also a good make ahead camping dish sealed in a cooking bag to be heated in boiling water on site.

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