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== Bread ==

Cornbread Cornbread (from Madelena)

Madelena's favorite cornbread recipe ... easy and quick to prepare. Recipe includes info on making it with and without jalapeno peppers, including varying degrees of hotness.

Best served warm with butter melting into it!

Norman Flatbread (from Debbie)

This traditional flat bread from Normandy is nearly identical to that eaten in Scandinavia, and can thus almost certainly be traced back to the Norman's Viking ancestors.

Entered in Estrella War V, Arts Point competition (2/18/89)

Jared's Bread (from Susan)

Also known as the the house honey wheat bread.

== Salads / Sides ==

Pickled Beets and Eggs (from Debbie)

This is my mom's recipe, and I've loved it for years. It can be a perpetual jar item. It's great for snacks, side dishes, and potlucks.

Harvard Beets (from Debbie)

My mom's version of this recipe. I love them with hamburger patties and German Fries, or anything that you can slop the beet juice on or dredge through the beet juice!

Bagna Cauda (from Susan)

This is a traditional Italian Christmas dish, served as a dipping sauce in a manner similar to fondue. Sourdough bread, crackers or bread sticks, and a variety of cooked, sliced vegetables are perfect accompaniments to the sizzling, fragrant oil mixture.

German Coleslaw (from Tim)

This recipe comes to us from a 20th century German cookbook. The recipe is authentic German, but not necessarily from the Middle Ages. Its ingredients and its taste are period.

Green Pyes (from Susan)

A lovely pie of salad greens (or spinach), herbs, onions, garlic, cheese, eggs, and milk

Noodle Kugel Noodle Kugel (from Tim)

Noodle kugel can be served as a "Marconi and Cheese" type main or side dish. With a slight modification it also produces an almost candy-like dessert. Itís easy to make and a unique addition to any table.

Cocktail Meatballs (from Debbie)

This is my modification of this recipe for the time honored Grape Jelly Meatball recipe of the 1960's. They're great for appetizers and potlucks.

Mushrooms & Onions in Butter Sauce (from Debbie)

This is a rich, yummy, and wonderful dish that I believe would make any hobbit (or guest dwarf) curl up their toes in delight! It's great over baked potatoes, or steaks; or just eaten as is!

Wine Onions Hypocras Onions: A Spirited Onion Dish (from Debbie)

This is a play on pickled onions. It tastes great with rye or pumpernickel bread, or serve with pork loin or lamb, or whatever makes you happy!

Pea Soup Split Pea Soup (from Denise)

Great for a cold weather dinner, this recipe comes out perfect every time.
This soup goes great with cornbread.Try it with Madelena's Cornbread

(Really, they ARE Medieval) Baked Potatoes (from Debbie)

A bit of potato history and some suggestions for cooking and serving baked potatos.

Potluck Potato Casserole Potluck Potato Casserole (from Tim)

Quick, easy, and flexable side dish for potlucks or dinner.

Picnic potato salad Picnic potato salad (from Debbie)

My Mom's potato salad recipe! Traditional and yummy!

Simple potato salad (from Tim)

Tim's Mom's potato salad recipe! Easy to make and yummy!

Potato Soup Bowl Potato Soup (from Debbie)

This is a warm, potato-y soup that can be served as a pre-meal soup, a side dish, or a simple entrťe. It is delicious, filling, and comforting! Itís great on a cold day, and a lovely addition to a soup potluck dinner.

Tomato Cucumber Salad Easy Tomato Cucumber Salad (from Debbie)

This is my quick and easy take on the classic summer salad.

== Main Dishes ==

Chicken Marengo (from Debbie)

One of my favorite of mom's dinners. The 1960's Campbell's soup version of chicken in tomato and mushroom sauce. It's a comfort food dish that I return to time and time again.

Chili Cheese Stuff (from Debbie)

Potatoes, onions, and cheese cooked in canned chili! A quick and easy one pot dish. It is also a good make ahead dish for camping, seal it in a cooking bag and heat it up in boiling water.

Chili Noodle One Pot (from Andregor)

This recipe is easy, very flexible and yummy. It makes a good camping dish, two ingreadients and very little fuss or mess to make.

Cormarye - Roast Pork (from Susan)

This is an exceptionally simple and very tasty pork recipe. The combination of coriander and caraway, a bit unusual for medieval English recipes, gives the meat and the sauce a strong, complimentary flavor.

Gnocchi - wheat free (from Susan)

Potato pasta made from mashed potatoes, and rice flour (instead of wheat flour).

Gorp - One Pot Dinner (from Debbie)

This recipe is very flexible and yummy. Don't let the name confuse you, it's not trail mix. It's a bunch of ingredients combined to make a tasty one pot dinner dish.

Potluck Moussaka (from Elena)

This rich and tasty dish works well at potlucks: It can be baked very nicely in a crockpot dish in the oven so you can then take it to an event in the pot heater and keep it warm.

Easy ďHomemadeĒ Pasta Sauce (from Tim)

An easy way to make spaghetti sauce that tastes homemade without all the work. It starts with commercially made, bottled sauce; by the time you're done with it, you'll be surprised at the taste improvement, and folks will rave about your homemade sauce!

Pasta Surprise (from Debbie)

The surprise is that there's no pasta! It's potatoes, hamburger, and onions cooked in pasta sauce. It's another easy one pot dish. It's also a good make ahead camping dish sealed in a cooking bag to be heated in boiling water on site.

Sloppy Shelley Sloppy Shelleys (Sloppy Joes) (from Shelley)

They are soooooo much better than the canned stuff. Also super simple!

Ground Beef Taco Meat (from Debbie)

This is my mom's ground beef taco meat recipe. Its quick, easy, and yummy!

== Desserts ==

Nana Davenportís Apple Cakes (from Debbie)

These cakes are one of my favorite memories from childhood. I can vouch for it's tastiness and wonderfulness!

Texas Fresh Apple Cake (from Debbie)

This is a fresh, moist cake that is just incredable! I can not recommend it enough!

Chocolate Covered, Almond Stuffed, Brandied Cherries (from Debbie)

Chocolate! Cherries! Brandy! It's not a quick process, but it is completely worth it! When fresh cherries hit the store, get out your cherry pitter and go for it!

Brownies (from Elena)

These are downright amazing topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. The brownies are not as killingly sweet as most but they do taste rich because of the butter, the white chocolate chips are a nice contrast to the more semi-sweet flavor of the brownie itself. The coffee nicely offsets the sweet chips.

Death By Chocolate Brownies Death By Choclate Brownies (from Jane)

The name says it all ... chocolate and more chocolate! And GOOD! For the chocolate lover in your life!

Rum Raisin Cheesecake Tim's Famous Cheesecake (from Tim)

This is not your normal cheese cake itís more cake-like. Even folks who donít care for cheesecake will love this version. (I do NOT like cheesecake, and I really enjoy this one! -=-Debbie)

Itís easy to make and "to die for yummy" Ö very rich and very good!

NEW ADDITION .... We've developed a Strawberry Romanoff version of this Cheesecake! It has Grand Marnier liqueur in it and it's super YUMMY!!!

Chocolate Cream Cheese Pie (from Elena)

Chocolate and cream cheese are a fantastic combination. Includes a cookie recipe to use for the pie's crust if you want to make your own. Of course, you can just make the cookies to eat as is ...

Noodle Kugel

Drunken Fruit / Rumtopf (from Debbie):

Fermented fruit is fruit preserved in a sweet alcoholic syrup. The level is alcohol is low; my mom, who was strict about kids not having alcohol, had not problems with us eating this. It's great as a toping for vanilla ice cream, pound or sponge cake, pudding, and more.

* Recipe & Documentation (PDF)
* Care and Feeding (PDF)
* Photo Essay: The Process of Fermentation
* Class Prep: Prep info for online Rumtopf class

Mashed Potato Candy (from Debbie)

Weird, sweet, and wonderful! You can't tell it's potatoes, it's a sweet candy we enjoyed as kids!

Noodle Kugel Noodle Kugel (from Tim)

Noodle kugel can be served as a "Marconi and Cheese" type main or side dish. With a slight modification it also produces an almost candy-like dessert. Itís easy to make and a unique addition to any table.

Rum Raisin Cheesecake Tim's Famous Strawberry Romanoff Cheesecake (from Tim)

A new version of Tim's Cheesecake ... It has Grand Marnier liqueur in it and it's super YUMMY!!!

== Condiments ==

Flavored Butters (from Debbie)

Flavor store bought butter for use in cooking or at the table. Flavored butters are a great way to add fun to a meal. Whether you use them for cooking, or at the table to adding to bread, toast, potatoes, steak, or any other butter use, they turn the ordinary into something special!

Spiced Honey Mustard (from Debbie)

A tasty and easy way to make flavored mustard. It starts with Guldenís Spicy mustard and gets better from there! It makes a great gift!

Hot Mustard (from Susan)

This makes lovely mustard to go with your Christmas ham or your Cormarye
Warning: This mustard is HOT, HOT, HOT!

Spiced Honey Mustard (from Debbie)

A tasty and easy way to make flavored mustard. It starts with Guldenís Spicy mustard and gets better from there! It makes a great gift!

Herbal Flavored Vinegars (from Debbie)

How to make your own flavored vinegar using store bought vinegar. Herbal vinegars add a special ďtangĒ to your cooking. They can be used for salad dressings, marinades, steaming vegetables (add a little to the water for a subtle taste difference) and anywhere you would use plain vinegar

== Beverages ==

More recipies on our brewing webpage

Almond Liqueur (from Debbie)

Quick, easy, and delicious!

This is my documentation for the Caid Brewers Guild Interkingdom Brewing Contest, GWW VIII (10/9/04)

It includes the recipe, and history.

Apple Cider Catís Favorite Hot Spiced Apple Cider (from Cat)

A light,non-syrupy spiced apple cider, this will make your holidays bright!

Coffee Blends (from Tim)

Coffee is a passion of Tim's and over the years he's developed a couple of blends that he enjoys. These are brewed coffee blends, so to make them you'll need to find a shop that sells coffee bean varieties.

Timotheus' Winter Glögg (from Tim)

Glögg (pronounced gloog) is a traditional Swedish mulled wine, served hot, and best enjoyed on a cold winterís night.

Holiday Gift Ideas (from Debbie)

Recipes for Chocolate covered, almond stuffed, brandied cherries
Ypocras (drink made from wine mixed with sugar and spices)
and Liquers: Almond, Cinnamon-Coriander, Ginger

Hot Chocolate Mix (from Cindy)

A simple, easy, and tasty mix from my friend Cynthia Phelps. Great for gift giving and for keeping on hand for those cold, cozy nights.

Klah (from Elric)

A flavored coffee drink, especially nice around the holidays. With coffee, chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg it's great for a cold night!

Klah is a drink referred to in the Dragonriders of Pern books.

Pyment (aka Ypocras, Hypocrass) (from Debbie)

Whatever you call it, it's a drink made from wine mixed with sugar and spices. It's fun and easy to make. And COMPLETELY customizable to your taste.

Russian Tea Mix (from Cindy)

A yummy, warm citrus flavored iced or hot tea from my friend Cynthia Phelps. Great for gift giving and for when you need a tea break.

Spiced Mocha Mix

Chocolate, Coffee, Cinnamon ... LOVELY! Great for gift giving and for keeping on hand for those cold, cozy nights.

== Other Items of Interest ==

Persona Potluck (from Debbie)

In the SCA we learn about the Middle Ages by recreating the costuming, combat, arts, sciences, and more. This article is my suggestions for adding food to your recreation persona.

== Debbie's Pinterest Food Boards ==

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