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Persona Potlucks

As, a living history re-creator of the Middle Ages, I’m a big fan of Persona Potlucks, an informal get together where we all bring one or more dishes that would have been eaten in period by our personas.

In the SCA we study the period, wear the garb, see the pageantry, hear the music, play the games, experience the combat; this allows us to add another layer to our persona, by and smelling and tasting the foods of the period.

The dinner makes for a very SCA-like experience in that all the tastes from different times and cultures somehow fit together -- sometimes dishes from 2 cultures are even better combined than they were separate!

When Tim and I hold a persona potluck we aren’t very strict about the food being exactly correct for the time period or the ingredients, as long as it provides an example of the tastes that your culture experienced. A modern approximation works, as long as it gets the point across. We also don’t require attendees to be in garb or in persona. We’re not recreating a period feast, we’re just having a good time with friends as we share the taste of our persona’s culture.

Of course, you can make it more feast like: Come in garb, have period music playing, have each person share info about their persona as well as the info about their personal dish, create trivia game with questions about your persona’s time period or area. Whatever you want to make it a fun persona evening.

If you want to explore recreating period recipes, you’ll want to join Altavia's Culinary Guild Facebook group: A “special interest group for All Things Delicious to eat and drink. Everyone is welcome in our discussions of recipes, historical research and events based around the food and beverages of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.”

The important part is to make exploring the taste of your persona’s culture fun!


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