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Mushrooms & Onions in Butter Sauce

This is a rich, yummy, and wonderful dish that I believe would make any hobbit (or guest dwarf) curl up their toes in delight! Cynthia, a friend of ours first made them for us by putting the pot on the back of the BBQ grill and leaving them there during the whole grilling process. The "recipe" is very easy and so very vague, you pretty much make it to your taste ... and have fun eating the experiments! -=-Debbie


    Sliced Mushrooms (Common button mushrooms)
    Sliced Onions (strips not rings)


Put sliced onions and mushroom in a covered pot.

Add enough butter to cover them at least 1/4 deep when the butter is melted.

Cook on medium to high heat, stirring often, until the volume drops by about 10-20%.

Cover and cook over low heat (or on the back of the BBQ grill) stirring occasionally, until it's done to your liking.

It's great over baked potatoes, or steaks; or just eaten as is!!!!

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