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Coffee Blends

Coffee is a passion of Tim's and over the years he's developed a couple of blends that he enjoys.

These are brewed coffee blends, so to make them you'll need to find a shop that sells coffee bean varieties, and either have them grind the beans to your specifications, or take them home and grind and mix them yourself.

Have fun!


Caffeticus Timotheus Privitus blend

1 lb.1/2 lb.1/4 lb.BeanRoast
3 oz.1.5 oz.0.8 oz.French Roast Dark Italian --OR-- Mexico Coatepec-Puma AlturaExtra Heavy
6.5 oz.3.3 oz.1.7 oz.Ethiopian Sidamo / Yrgacheffe --OR-- Ethiopian HarrarMedium
6.5 oz.3.2 oz.1.5 oz.Java EstateMedium

Tim's Breakfast Blend

1 lb.1/2 lb.1/4 lb.BeanRoast
5.4 oz.3 oz.1.4 oz.Colombian SupremoMedium Heavy
5.3 oz.2.5 oz.1.3 oz.Brazil SantosMedium Light
5.3 oz.2.5 oz.1.3 oz.French Roast Drak Italian --OR-- Colombian ExcelsoExtra Heavy
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