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Timotheus' Famous Cheesecake

Rum Raisin Cheesecake
Rum Raisin Cheesecake
  Made with:
    Yellow cake mix & Glögg flavored raisins
    with Rum Raisin sauce topping

Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
  Made with:
    Chocolate cake mix
    with cherry pie filling topping
This is not your normal cheese cake itís more cake-like. Even folks who donít care for normal cheesecake will love this version. Itís easy to make and "to die for" good ... very rich and very good!

Main Cake:

      1 box of cake mix (Lemon, Strawberry, Cherry, Chocolate, White, ?? -- See the Topping section below)
      2 eggs
      1 stick of melted butter

  Combine ingredients to form a dough. Line the sides and bottom of a 9 x 13 pan with the dough.

Cheese Filling:

      1 box of powdered sugar
      2 eggs
      1 stick of melted butter
      24 oz of melted cream cheese

  Combine ingredients and pour into the dough lined pan.

  Bake at 350 for 1 hour.

  When cake has completely cooled, add topping.


The topping flavor depends on your cake mix and your imagination. Possibilities include

Cake Mix Topping / Additions
Cherry A small amount of canned, glazed pie cherries; or a light layer of whole chocolate chips
Chocolate A large amount of canned, glazed pie cherries; or melted mint chocolate chips; or drizzle on melted white chocolate; or (Debbie's favorite) fresh strawberries in glaze
Lemon A sweet/tart lemon glaze; or lemon pudding
Strawberry Fresh strawberries in glaze, or chocolate pudding
Vanilla (White) A very popular version had rum sauce on top and vodka soaked blueberries in the cheese filling
Yellow Rum sauce on top with 2 palmfuls of raisins leftover from making Glögg.
Raisins leftover from making Glögg were layered on top of the cake layer before adding the cheese mixture.

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